Certification (Spain)

Certifying documents for Spain: This is a stamp or certificate attesting that a copy of a document has been compared (either administratively or judicially) against the original and proven to be identical. This ensures that the organization to which the certified copy is submitted will not retain the original document under any circumstances.

In order to carry out the certification process, InterCol will require the following documents:


  • Original and valid passport.
  • The original documents that you wish to certify, duly apostilled. In this case, remember that InterCol can provide you with the apostille service.
  • A legible, high quality copy of the document to be certified.
  • The reason for the certification (in the event of continuing your studies in Spain, indicate which course you will take and at which university).
  • If the documents are in a language other than Spanish they must be officially translated.



Note: This service is subject to prior verification, as not all notaries allow records to be issued to third parties or without appearing in person. Therefore, we request that you fill out the form and specify the notary where the record is stored, so that one of our advisors can contact you and confirm whether the document can be issued.