Portuguese -Spanish / Spanish-Portuguese Translation

InterCol has a team of professionals whose in-depth knowledge of both Spanish and Portuguese enables them to accurately translate a text from source language into target language. Our team possesses an understanding of general, technical, literary or legal vocabulary (depending on the text to be translated) as well as a mastery of the grammar of both languages, in order to make a correct and faithful translation of the original text.

Translations of this type are widely certified and validated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the purpose of preserving their legal effects and enabling clients to use them within the framework of current regulations, both within Colombia and abroad.

To carry out the official translation process we need you to provide us with legible documents, either digital or physical, according to your preference.

PLEASE NOTE: If the language you require is not listed, you can still inform us of your requirements through the contact form and we will be happy to provide a response. Please bear in mind that in some cases, depending on the document type, translations may be charged per word and not per page; please attach the document to be translated so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for the service.

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