Citizenship through adoption procedure

This involves foreign nationals acquiring Colombian citizenship through adoption, after requesting it and complying with the requirements established for this purpose by the Colombian constitution and laws, and in consideration of the principle of discretion.



  1. Petition addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting Colombian citizenship.
  2. Original, valid passport.
  3. Valid foreigner ID card.
  4. Copy of the current Residency Visa and any other Colombian visas that the foreigner has held.
  5. One (1) document-type photo showing the face front-on, on a white background, measuring 4cm × 5 cm in jpg format.
  6. Proof of profession or trade with a work certificate from the company where you work, issued no more than 6 months prior.
  7. If the applicant is an independent professional, they must provide a copy of the Unique Tax Registry form (RUT).
  8. In the event of being a partner or owner of a commercial establishment, you must attach the certificate from the Chamber of Commerce issued no more than six (6) months prior, stating the company purpose and its tax identification number (NIT).
  9. In the event of the applicant being financially dependent on another person, they must submit a statement indicating as such, signed by the family member, spouse or permanent companion. They must also attach documents that prove the purchasing power of the person who is responsible for the applicant.
  10. Civil record of marriage if married to a Colombian national, or proof of de facto marital union. If you have a child or children of Colombian nationality, you must submit the respective birth certificates.
  11. Demonstrate basic knowledge of the political constitution of Colombia, of the country’s history and geography and of the Spanish language (proven high school graduates, people who have completed university studies in Colombia and people over 65 years of age are exempt from this requirement. People who speak Spanish as a mother tongue are not required to take the Spanish language exam).
  12. Males over 18 and under 50 who obtain citizenship through adoption are to resolve their military service affairs in accordance with Colombian legislation, unless they prove with a suitable document that they have done so in their country of origin. Said document must be consularized, apostilled, legalized and/or officially translated, as appropriate. If the applicant has not resolved their military service affairs in their country of origin, they must make a written note of commitment note stating that they will do so in Colombia in the event of being granted citizenship.

Note: Colombian citizenship by adoption corresponds to the sovereign and discretionary power of the Colombian Government to grant it. In the event of the application being rejected or sent back for further information the assessment and procedure fees are not refunded. The process can take around 8 months and depends directly on the Colombian Foreign Ministry. Please remember that you must have a valid residency visa to carry out the citizenship through adoption procedure. Additionally, the period of residency in Colombia is counted from the date on which the residency visa is obtained.  For nationals of Latin American and Caribbean countries it is 1 year following the issuance of the aforementioned visa; for Spanish nationals, 2 years following the issuance of the aforementioned visa, and for nationals of all other countries, 5 years after the issuance of the aforementioned visa. In the event of the foreigner being married or having a de facto marital union with a Colombian national, or having a Colombian child, the period of residency is 2 years following the issuance of the residency visa. Remaining outside Colombia for a period equal to or greater than one (1) continuous year interrupts the period of residency for the acquisition of Colombian citizenship through adoption. Once notified of the nature charter or resolution of enrollment, an oath is taken with the Mayor’s Office or Governance, as appropriate. The Governor or the Mayor must deliver the original nature charter or copy of the registration resolution to the naturalized person, as the case may be.