Formation of simplified joint-stock companies

In order to begin the process of forming a simplified joint-stock company (Sociedad por Acciones Simplificadas, S.A.S) in Colombia, the following items must be determined in the presence of our accounting advisor:  

A simplified joint-stock company (S.A.S) is a commercial capital company, which stimulates entrepreneurship due to the ease and flexibility of its formation and operation. Companies of this type came into being through Law 1258 of 2008 and Decree 2020 of June 2009.

Simplified joint-stock companies can be formed by one or more natural or legal persons, be they Colombian or foreign nationals. They are commercial in nature but can perform both commercial and civil activities and are created through a private document, coming into existence following registration in the Chamber of Commerce (unless the initial contributions include real estate, in which case a public deed is required).

Shareholders are only responsible up to the limit of their contributions, regardless of the cause of the labor or fiscal obligation, etc. Simplified joint-stock companies are only limited with regards to engaging in securities trading on the public securities market. It should be noted that the payment of the subscribed shares cannot exceed 2 years.

To begin the process of forming an S.A.S in Colombia, the following items must be determined in the company of our accounting advisor:


  • Name, identity document and address of the shareholders
  • Company name followed by the letters “S.A.S”
  • The address of the company and those of any branches
  • Term of duration (can be indefinite)
  • A clear statement of the economic activities that the company can carry out
  • Authorized, subscribed and paid capital, together with the number and type of stocks and the terms and ways in which they will be paid.
  • Legal representation


NOTE: Please remember that costs related to the fees that must be paid to official bodies are not included in the price of this service, such as notaries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Migration Colombia and the Chamber of Commerce.

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