Standardization of qualifications in Spain

InterCol provides a service to standardize a degree issued abroad as a Spanish degree, thereby granting access to regulated professions. This includes the possibility of exercising the regulated profession concerned under the same conditions as people that hold degrees issued in Spain that qualify them for the profession.


  • A certified copy of the document which proves the applicant’s identity and nationality, issued by the competent authorities in the country of origin or source country, or by the relevant Spanish immigration authorities. In the case of Spanish nationals, a certified copy of the national ID document is required, or authorization to verify the ID data in the administration’s possession.   
  • A certified copy of the degree to be standardized, or of the certificate accrediting its issue, as well as the corresponding official translation if applicable.
  • A certified copy of the academic certification of the studies undertaken by the applicant to obtain the degree. Among other things, this must include the official length in academic years of the study plan followed, the subjects taken and the hours of instruction of each, as well as the corresponding official translation if applicable.
  • Proof of payment of fees.

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