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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) may grant the visitor visa (type V) to foreigners who wish to visit the country once or several times, or stay there temporarily without settling, in order to carry out any of the following activities:

  1. Carry out direct transit in any airport of the national territory when travelling to a third State.
  2. Visit the country for leisure, tourism or cultural reasons.
  3. Carry out business activities, market studies, plans or procedures for direct investment and the formation of commercial companies, negotiation, entering into contracts or commercial representation.
  4. Participate in an academic exchange program, undertake art or craft training, or study something other than primary/secondary education and undergraduate higher education programs.
  5. Attend medical consultations, undergo operations or treatment, or accompany someone who is attending a consultation or undergoing an operation or treatment.
  6. Carry out administrative and/or judicial proceedings with bodies or authorities in Colombia.
  7. Enter and work in Colombian jurisdictional waters as a ship’s crew member, or on an offshore platform.
  8. Participate in events as a lecturer, speaker, artist, athlete, judge, competitor or logistical staff.
  9. Carry out internships.
  10. Volunteer in development cooperation projects or in the promotion and protection of human rights.
  11. Produce audiovisual or digital content.
  12. Carry out journalistic coverage or remain temporarily as a foreign media correspondent.
  13. Provide temporary services to a natural or legal person in Colombia.
  14. Hold a position in the Colombian branch of a company with a presence abroad through an intra-corporate personnel transfer.
  15. Visit as a foreign government official or commercial representative of a foreign government, for reasons that do not entail accreditation with the Colombian government.
  16. Visit the country under vacation-work programs agreed by Colombia with other states through current treaties.