Visa Type M (Real estate investor)

Type “M” Visa (real-estate investor): Having made direct foreign investment in real estate in Colombia for the minimum amounts established in the requirements chapter.


  • Original, valid passport.
  • 2 photos (3cm x 4cm) on a white background.
  • Acquire real-estate for an amount not less than three hundred and fifty (350) times the current Colombia minimum monthly wage, and provide:
  1. “Certificate of Delivery and Unencumbered Property” for the property acquired, proving ownership of it.
  2. Correspondence issued by the Department of International Exchange Department of the Colombian Central Bank (Banco de la República) recording the direct foreign investment made for the purchase of real estate in the name of the foreigner applying for the visa, in accordance with the provisions of the general foreign investment and exchange regime, or of its additions or modifications, and other current, concordant Colombian regulations.

Fee Rates

Visa assessment

  • Visa assessment for Ecuadorian nationals in Europe and Cuba 23.00 Euros (€)
  • Visa assessment for Ecuadorian nationals in the rest of the world 30.00 Dollars (US$)
  • Visa assessment for nationals of Cuba and European countries 40.00 Euros (€)
  • Visa assessment for nationals from the rest of the world 52.00 Dollars (US $)


  • Visa for nationals of Cuba and European countries 163.00 Euros (€)
  • Visa for nationals from the rest of the world 211.00 Dollars (US$)
  • Ecuadorian nationals are exempt from paying visa fees $ 0.00 (US $)

NOTE: InterCol provides a personalized advisory service for real estate investment. Please ask us for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Visa applications may be rejected or sent back for additional information, according to the judgment and discretionary power of Colombia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs(Cancilleria). No right to reimbursement of visa application fees or visa fees applies in the event of applications being rejected or sent back for further information.

If your visa application is approved, please remember that you have 15 calendar days to register it with the Colombian immigration authorities (Migración Colombia), or you could receive a fine. The foreigner ID card has an additional cost of COP$190,000, payable to Migración Colombia.

More Information:Cancilleria


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