My experience of moving

In the middle of the very cold Winter 2013 in New York, I decided that I needed a vacation. Visiting my family in Europe wasn’t enough sun and going to Miami was already too late to find something nice and affordable… Also, in the back of my mind, I always dreamed to find a new country where I would like to retire but with great weather all year long.

I searched the internet day and night until I stumbled upon pictures of Medellin; all these green scenery and the multiple interesting articles about this unique place in the world, motivated me to book my first flight! (with open return though in case I wouldn’t like it!)

I got seduced by the vibe of this great city since the first days of my arrival. So, after a short stay in a humble but very nice hotel, I moved to a first furnished apartment. I took the time to explore all the areas possible of this such spread-out and diverse city.

After about 5 weeks, I was falling in love with the city and its such welcoming inhabitants, the Paisas! I returned to the US dreaming of how happily I could live in Medellin… then I heard of a program from the Colombian government that if I would invest some money in Colombia, I could get a visa called of “inversionista” that allows me to live in this beautiful country for many years, like any Colombian! I could actually invest in many different ways, but to me, just by purchasing a “vivienda” it was the simplest.

Finding assist in Medellín

Well, to be honest, it wasn’t that simple at the beginning to find the right home and to buy it. The problem is that, without a “cédula” can’t open a bank account, and without a visa can’t get a “cédula”. But then, you can’t get a visa without showing the proof of a 100% legal investment! It was feeling like a vicious circle and that was a little stressful at some point.

Thankfully, I met some other “gringo” who received himself a great help from Inter-col and who introduced me to them.

Inter-Col is a business that has been around for many years and who has a lot of experience with ex-pats.

I must say that since I met them, everything was a piece of cake! They are very kind but also very professional. The biggest advantage is that, Inter-Col can help you with whatever your situation is. You won’t need to pay other people, intermediaries like an international advisor or lawyer. As they listen to you carefully they can help you with almost everything needed to start a new life here…

My business and life here!

Finally, I totally left my life in US and I am living very happy in Medellin already for 3 years. During that time, I have been running a successful rental business for a couple of years, and now I am more into Property Investment; I am specialized in the sale of small “ApartaEstudios” (= 1 bedroom) in some very privileged areas of the city… If you, like me, are dreaming of starting a new life in the “City of Eternal Spring”, I will be more than happy to help you as much as I can thanks to my very positive experience here. 😉

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